An Invitation For Men


We live in a world that constantly dulls us and beats us down.  We receive so much resistance in so many areas.  The way of this world is to be mediocre and average.  As men we are called to be so much more and to do so much more.  We were created by our Heavenly Father who loves us and has such great plans for us.  One of the most important lessons I have learned is I must surround myself with other champion men who challenge me and sharpen me.  We all raise or fall to the level of our friends we associate ourselves with.

4 Reasons To Not Be A Black Friday Shopper


For most of my life I loved Black Friday shopping.  There was a thrill to it.  I would be spend hours searching fliers and online advertisements to put together my strategy of how I would attack each store to get the best deals.  It was a tradition and every red blooded American is supposed to participate right?  Plus I was saving so much money how could I not be a Black Friday shopper?

What Is Your Foundation?


Author and speaker, Andy Andrews, has said, “We are all coming out of a crisis, going through a crisis, or heading into a crisis.”  I completely agree with this assessment.  During the past six months I have gone through two extremely stressful and scary experiences.  Back in June my father was hospitalized for a month with necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) and 16 days ago my wife went through a 33 hour labor that ended in an emergency caesarean surgery and required two blood transfusions.

Thank A Veteran


Happy Veteran’s Day!  One important perspective we all must have on a continual basis is we have so much to be thankful for.  In our country we are blessed beyond measure.  God has blessed America with abundance and freedom.  There are several reasons for us to be thankful.  One of the most important things we must constantly be thankful for are our service men and women who fight to protect our freedoms on a daily basis.

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?


Did you know that EVERY important decision in America is made by 545 individuals?  There are 316 Million Americans and essentially every aspect of our lives is impacted and controlled by 545 individuals who have been given the power to set, interpret, and enforce the laws of our land?  There is one President, nine Supreme Court Justices, 100 Senators, and 435 Representatives.  They are directly responsible for the direction our country heads day by day, week by week, and year by year.  For me that is a scary thought that so few people have been entrusted with so much power to directly impact mine and my family’s lives.