5 Things Leaders Do


There are so many dimensions to leadership and it is most certainly a process not a destination.  I want to share with you a training I received from a mentor of mine, Greg Smith, in August 2013.  He shared the five things leaders do at Advocare Success School in August 2013. His training challenged me and convicted me of some areas I needed to grow in.  I am certain one or more of these insights will do the same for you.

December Men’s Leadership Call




The last men’s leadership call received such incredible feedback we decided to do another one and I am beyond fired up for our speaker this time.  Invest in yourself and the men in your life.  Be on this call and invite the top 3 – 5 men you care about to join you.  Josh Delp will bring a message of strength and wisdom.


Sunday 12/28/14

9PM Eastern

Dial 712 432 0900

Code 461496#

What Are Your Strengths?


Would you like to be more effective and productive in every important area of your life?  I believe most everyone would like to.  One of the most important things we can do before beginning a new project or task is to identify and fully understand our strengths.  There is an incredible tool that can help us do exactly that.  It is StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.

Men’s Leadership Replay


Last night’s Men’s Leadership Call was powerful.  This is the most significant contribution I have made for our culture and society to date.  You and any man you know will be blessed if you listen to the replay.  Please pass this along and share with other men you know WHY they need to listen to this.

If the replay number gets recorded over you will permanently be able to access the recording by clicking here: https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback_br.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/RzUXt/jHBXe