2015 Empty Bookshelf Challenge


So I absolutely cannot take credit for this.  A friend of mine shared this idea from Jon Acuff.  I loved the idea and I accepted the challenge in 2014.  It required commitment and discipline, but it was totally worth it.  Are you up for the challenge?

In previous posts I have already established WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ and I have also shared a long list of INFLUENTIAL BOOKS EVERYONE SHOULD READ.  Reading is one of the two most influential things that impact where we wind up in life.  Being a reader really just requires us to understand it is necessary for our success and fulfillment in life.  Once we understand that we simply need to make a decision to consistently read and commit to that daily discipline.

Here is the empty bookshelf challenge.  Find a bookshelf in your home and empty it.  Then every time you read a book during 2015 place it on that shelf you cleared out.  Commit to filling that bookshelf with books you read and complete during 2015.  It is pretty simple.  Are you up for the challenge?


I was making some great progress and then right before the end I got distracted with having a newborn and soaking up all of my time with him.  I literally had to complete my final book at 11pm on New Year’s Eve, BUT I completed my commitment and read 18 entire books during 2014.  I learned so many useful things and I have seen tremendous growth in my personal and professional life.  What if you took the 2015 Empty Bookshelf Challenge and saw growth in your personal and professional life this year.  Would it be worth it?

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    I saw your book shelf image and i was interested on using on an app that I am trying to make on my own. I have learn to code by myself and your image would help me out a lot. i was wondering if I could have your permission to use it?