What Is The Best? Part 2


Getting the best results in our life is really a two part process.  In my last post I shared how to start asking the question, “What is the best?” for the results we want to create in every area of our lives.  That is the first step.  We must do this if we truly want to live an extraordinary life.  Life is a journey.  Just like going on a road trip we have to know where we want to go before our GPS can give us directions on how to get there.  This is why we must first determine what the best results are before we can determine what our next steps should be.

What Is The Best? Part 1


I learned a simple, but profound truth several years ago that has significantly impacted my life for the better in essentially every area of my faith, family, friends, finances, and fitness.  That truth it the quality of our answers is determined by the quality of our questions we ask.  Another way to think about that truth is to understand if we want better answers (results) in our lives we need to ask better questions.  I covered that in more detail in WHAT WAS THE QUESTION previously.  Would you like to know a powerful question that has really caused significant growth and improvement in our lives?