Are You Misunderstood?


You have probably heard the quote,

  That is completely true and I have never really met anyone who disagrees with that statement.  Yet somehow too few people ever make significant changes in their actions to yield those different results.  Why is that?  There are several reasons, but I think the simplest answer is because it’s DIFFERENT.

The whole key to different results is different action.  The key to different actions is different thinking.  Our culture and our society discourages being different.  We live in a society where the aim for so many is just to be average.  I do not believe we were created to be average.  I believe we were fearfully and wonderfully made.  Each of us has a purpose we were uniquely designed for.  Are you living yours out?

What happens to us when we get a dream or a desire to improve our lives or the lives of others around us?  We begin taking different actions and we begin speaking differently and so often we are criticized for being different.  Our decision to no longer be mediocre makes others around us uncomfortable and they resist our growth.  We may be mocked or ridiculed.  Unfortunately many people are discouraged by this and decide to revert back to what they were doing.  They prefer that fate to stepping out from the herd and living an extraordinary life.  

 It is a great sign you are on the right path.


I have gone through this many times throughout my life.  When I was a coach my athletes were achieving some extraordinary results and most coaches I knew criticized how we thought and acted.  One of the biggest areas I experienced this in was when I started a home based business while I was still teaching and coaching full time.  Family, friends, and coworkers just could not understand what I was doing and WHY I was doing it.  That has proven to be the single wisest financial decision my wife and I ever made, but we have and still continue to receive ridicule from people who just do not understand.


It is very rare that extremely successful people are ever understood by unsuccessful people in their lives.  If everyone thought and acted like successful people then everyone would be successful.  I encourage you to think about What Do You Want?  Then look at the actions of your peer group.  Will those actions yield the preferred future you have envisioned?  If not it I probably wise to remove some of those former relationships and begin building new ones with positive, uplifting people.

Consider a few of the examples of Normal vs Different

Normal                                                Different

Debt                                                     Financial Freedom

Tired                                                     Energized

Negative                                              Positive

Overweight                                         Fit & Healthy

Divorced                                              Married

Which column looks more appealing to you?  When we stop and think about it being different is actually a great thing.  I pray you gain that understanding and allow it to influence your decisions in the future.

Question: What is one action you have taken that most people consider to be “different” that has created some extraordinary results in your life?

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