Courageous Call

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I am fully aware that the Courageous calls and their spiritual content are 100% optional. I am a participant at my own will. I am personally seeking, asking, and wanting spiritual growth and therefore am choosing to listen to the Courageous calls. AdvoCare is a business for profit and not an religious organization; therefore, I understand the Courageous calls and their spiritual content are purposed to meet the needs of my personal request for spiritual growth and are unrelated to the business thereof. Though AdvoCare leaders will be speaking during each Courageous call, the views and opinions expressed by said leaders are not the opinions or views of AdvoCare International. I am fully aware that I am capable of earning income without having to adopt a said leader’s personal religious beliefs. I release all speakers to speak freely and will not hold AdvoCare International responsible for any content expressed during the Courageous call. I understand that I will be welcome to disconnect from these calls at any time without judgment.