Do You Talk To Yourself?


This probably sounds like an odd question, but I will ask it any way, “Do you talk to yourself?”  You are probably thinking that is an odd question.  Most of society thinks that talking to yourself is a bad thing and there are definitely many instances where it is.  When I ask this I am not referring to someone who is having a psychological break from reality.  The context I am asking this question in refers to speaking specific positive messages to yourself.  You may or may not be aware of this, but most successful people talk to themselves regularly.

I am going to share with you something that sounds so simple and so silly that you most likely will dismiss it and not do it.  It is something that is easy to do and easy not to do.  It will create a positive Slight Edge in your life that will pay massive dividends if you can adopt this simple discipline.  I am inviting you to adopt the discipline of reading belief cards daily.

Now this is the part where you are probably thinking, “You have got to be kidding, right?”  The answer is I am absolutely dead serious.  When I first heard about reading belief cards daily I thought that it was corny and there was no way I would do it.  The reality is my response was full of pride and ignorance.  After I had a few mentors all share the same message with me about the importance of belief cards I still did not believe they would work or be helpful, but I considered the FRUIT ON THE TREE of my mentors and decided to give them a try.


What I found has been absolutely incredible.  Not only have I seen tremendous growth in essentially every area of my life I read belief cards about, but I have been able to help others do exactly the same thing t0o.  A great friend and mentor of mine shared her experience about belief cards in her most recent post about Personal Growth.  Let me help explain what belief cards are and why they are so important.

First off let me start with why they are so important.  We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with negative messages from other people and the media.  We are constantly told all of the reasons why we can’t do something.  We are discouraged to never dream big and live extraordinary lives.  What I know is you and I were all created by a loving God.  He has given us everything including life and salvation.  He has such great plans for our lives and the enemy in this world wants to prevent us from living the lives God has called us to.  Our “Glass of Life” gets filled with so much dirt that we often times fall short in so many areas.

We definitely need to eliminate those negative messages and influences from our lives, but at the same time we must fill our mind with positive messages to take their place.  I have found belief cards to be an incredibly simple tool to accomplish exactly that.

Here is what belief cards are and how to use them.  First we need to identify What We Want.  Then we need to evaluate the top areas on our list where we believe we struggle and lack belief about our ability to accomplish or attain those things.  Next step write a statement about that thing in a positive present tense.  Here are two important parts to stress.

#1 Do not write in the future tense

#2 Do not write with negative statements

Bad Example Present Tense:
I WILL BE disciplined
Good Example Present Tense:
I AM disciplined

Bad Example Positive:
I DO NOT SUCK at remembering people’s names
Good Example Positive:
I AM GREAT at remembering people’s names

Different people offer different suggestions to how many belief cards you should write and how often you should read them.  I do not know the magic formula.  I can just share with you what I have done and works for me.  Here is my challenge for you.  Write SEVEN belief statements each on an individual 3” x 5” index card.  Be sure they are in some growth areas you identify as top priority.  Adopt the discipline of reading them OUT LOUD to yourself every morning THREE times before you start your day.  This will begin new neurological connections that will actually cause you to start believing these present, positive statements.  You will find that gradually over time your actions will raise to the level of your new belief and you will begin to produce more “Fruit On The Tree”.

Here are a few of my belief statements I have either mastered and/or I am still working through to offer you some insights:

I am great at focusing on what is most important to do all of the time.  I always do what is wise.

I get underneath people and I lift them up.

I love and honor my wife in my words, thoughts, and actions.

I am great at connecting with others and understanding what they want.

My financial resources are not mine, they are God’s and I invest them wisely.

Everything I do matters.  I am daily growing in my faith, family, friends, finances, and fitness because I live a disciplined life.

I trust in God’s perfect plans and I know He is always in control.

Those are just a few examples of belief cards I read.  They have produced A LOT of fruit in my life.  This is an incredibly simple discipline that could yield major growth in your life.  Why would you not accept the challenge of writing seven belief cards and reading them EVERY morning before you start your day?

Question: What is a belief statement you could write and read that would help you grow?  Comment below

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6 thoughts on “Do You Talk To Yourself?

  1. I have been doing this for years and it really does work. I even write them on my bathroom mirror with a sharpie so I have to read them morning and night. You are in charge of your thoughts and your thoughts are in charge of you!