Should We Raise Minimum Wage?


I have noticed some debates going on recently regarding minimum wage and potential consequences both good and bad if the minimum wage was increased.  I have my thoughts about this issue, but that is not what I want to discuss here.  A truth I learned several years ago from Andy Andrews is the quality of our answers is determined by the quality of our questions.  What if the question, “Should minimum wage be increased?” is the entirely wrong question to be asking?  What if we could ask a better question and help others to ask a better question that would remove the entire need to debate this issue at all?

I propose that a way more productive question we should all be asking ourselves and encourage others to ask as well is, “How can I add more value?”  When we are focusing on the government and politicians to make decisions to help us we are looking outside of ourselves and giving others control over our circumstances.  In Andy Andrew’s book, The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success
, the number one decision to determine personal responsibility is “The Buck Stops Here”.

How can I add more value?

“How can I add more value?” is a question that requires us to think about solutions.  When this question was first introduced to my mind it was different and it caused me to begin changing my thoughts.  The first realization I had to come to was EVERYONE is valuable.  This required me to take an honest look at how I viewed others.  The sad reality was I too often focused on what I could get out of the other person.  When I began to understand that everyone is valuable it required to me seek ways to serve others.


All of us have different talents, passions, and life experiences.  It is easy when we are leading busy lives and so caught up in the week to week stresses to worry about how we are going to afford things or if we are going to get that raise we want/need.  If that is you right now I completely understand how you feel.  Seven short years ago I was working 70 hours/week earning a net income of $36,000/year.  That was the equivalent of $10/hour with a four year college degree and six years work experience.  I was super busy, drowning in credit card debt, and I was trying not to lose my home.  That was not a fun time in my life and I do not forget how hard that was.

Even with things being as challenging as they were at the time that one simple question of, “How can I add more value?” caused me to think of solutions other than just continuing working my current job.  It actually led me to begin a very part time online business marketing nutritionals.  It was hard to invest an extra 10 hours/week into my business when I was already so busy at my job.  When I looked up just 12 months later I had generated an additional $22,000 of income and eliminated $15,000 of credit card debt.  That was the beginning of an entirely different chapter in our lives.

I realize that not everyone’s calling is to start a business (Although I highly encourage you to explore that option).  What would happen at your job if you improved your attitude?  What if you were always positive and smiling?  What if you stood out above and beyond all other employees at your job because you were always going the extra mile to give great customer service?

If you can’t find a job create your own. – Conor Richardson

Maybe the answer is not even at your job.  What would happen if you stopped spending your free time watching Dancing With The Stars and college football and instead began doing FREE community service projects for your neighbors.  It may not result in an immediate reversal of your finances, but it could lead to you having a great reputation in your community.  What would happen if that improved reputation led to a job offer in a completely different industry because you simply focused on adding value to the lives of others?  What would happen if you approached every situation with just one question, “How can I add value?”

Question: What is one thing you could do to add more value?  Comment below

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5 thoughts on “Should We Raise Minimum Wage?

  1. I love this question. While we are called to first and foremost add value to our families, we are not meant to stop there, although that’s what I used to do when just focused on bills and day to day stuff. Now, I love looking outside our family at the lives we can effect. Young or old, domestic or foreign, rich or poor, it is such a pleasure to meet new people and even for just a few minutes, to find out about them, their hopes and dreams, and to encourage them. Above that, there are so many fun ways to serve in this community, from ESL classes to food banks to school programs. Just look around and see for yourself! But here’s the secret, you will be blessed by serving others.

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