How To Create Margin Part 2


Did you know all forms of income are generated in one of four ways?  In Rich Dad Poor Dad: Robert Kiyosaki teaches us about the CASHFLOW Quadrant.  We can either earn income as employees, self-employed specialists, business owners, or investors.  The majority of us earn our income as employees or self-employed specialists.   When I began to look at this fact and evaluate my circumstances I asked myself the question, “Do I want to do and have what the majority of people do and have?”

How To Create Margin Step 1


Do you have financial margin in your family’s finances?  Are you currently following a plan to create margin in your life?  Creating financial margin is one of the wisest decisions any family or individual can make.  Beth and I did not have any margin when we started off married life, but quickly began following a plan to create financial margin and it has changed everything for our day to day lives.  Even if you are single without a family this is still one of the most important things you can do.  It has been my experience creating financial margin is incredibly simple to do.  It is not easy, but it is simple.  It is also extremely worth it.

4 Reasons To Not Be A Black Friday Shopper


For most of my life I loved Black Friday shopping.  There was a thrill to it.  I would be spend hours searching fliers and online advertisements to put together my strategy of how I would attack each store to get the best deals.  It was a tradition and every red blooded American is supposed to participate right?  Plus I was saving so much money how could I not be a Black Friday shopper?