Are You A Real Man?


This past weekend Beth and I were on a great trip with some friends who challenge us to be better in every area of our lives.  It was a busy four day weekend filled with long days and lots of fellowship.  I had only been getting about five hours of sleep each night and really wanted to sleep in Sunday morning, but my friend, DJ, invited all of the men to join him for a 7:15 am bible study.  I was definitely tired, but so thankful DJ invited us to join him.  DJ’s message was simple, but powerful and caused me to consider the differences between being a guy and being a man.

Who Are Your Friends?

Two young girls bullying other young girl outdoors

If you are a parent there is a good chance you express concern and interest when it comes to who your kid’s friends are.  Why is that?  It is because you and I both know that who our children hangout with impacts their future.  Here is a question for you.  Are you as concerned with who you spend time with as you are who your children spend time with?

What Do You Want?


Are you getting everything you want in life?  Are you exactly where you always imagined you would be?  If you are like most men and women out there I am willing to guess the answer is, “NO”.  Unfortunately way to many individuals fail to get what they want out of life because they never take the time to first determine what they want out of life.