An Invitation For Men


We live in a world that constantly dulls us and beats us down.  We receive so much resistance in so many areas.  The way of this world is to be mediocre and average.  As men we are called to be so much more and to do so much more.  We were created by our Heavenly Father who loves us and has such great plans for us.  One of the most important lessons I have learned is I must surround myself with other champion men who challenge me and sharpen me.  We all raise or fall to the level of our friends we associate ourselves with.

Walk Like A Man


In my last post Are You A Real Man I addressed the foundation to being a real man is surrendering your life to Jesus Christ and following Him.  Once you have made that decision to follow Jesus you still have the challenge ahead of, “Walking It Out” every day.  This is an area I constantly struggle in and I am daily growing in.  Here are three specific steps I have found that greatly assist me in this all important role.

Become Intolerant


Yesterday I shared Coach Richt’s 3 Point Plan For Fatherhood.

Love God

Love your wife

Show the way

I focused on changes we as parents need to make to help our kids grow into successful adults by showing the way.  One of the most important areas we need to show the way in is by loving our wives.  Now I know we all know this and if any of us were asked we would all respond, “I love my wife.”  That is good, but loving our wives goes so much beyond just saying we love them.  It really comes down to how we act each day.  I am talking about actively loving them.

Are You Afraid Of Change?


Andy Andrews says parenting is the most important job on the planet and I 100% agree with him.  I realize not all of you who are reading my blog are parents yet, but hopefully you will be one day soon.  I gained so much wisdom and insight from All Pro Dad Live this past weekend.   Hands down the most powerful speaker to me was University of Georgia head football coach, Mark Richt .  I am not a UGA fan, but coach Richt
is a phenomenal leader who has his priorities straight.  In the middle of college football season he left practice early on a Saturday to come invest in a group of men who desire to be better fathers.  Coach Richt
shared a 3 point plan for fatherhood.

The #1 Thing To Becoming An All Pro Dad


One of the most important lessons I have learned in leadership is the decision to seek wisdom.


Author, Andy Andrews, identified the 2nd decision that determines person success to be, “Today I Will Seek Wisdom”.   This is something that sounds good, but is not as easy as we may first think at face value.  Seeking wisdom requires more than just reading and studying.  Now those are definitely a component of seeking wisdom, but seeking wisdom is a very ACTIVE decision.  It requires that we are actively searching.