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Have you ever planned on doing something you had plenty of time to accomplish, but somehow managed to not get it done until the very last minute?  I know I have.  While some people struggle less with procrastination than others I believe it is a constant challenge we are all faced with on a daily basis.  I have heard it said, “Work expands to all time available.”  In most areas of life we can juggle this and still seem to get by.  While delaying action with homework assignments and getting to work on time can certainly create stressful situations they rarely carry life changing consequences.  What if there are some areas of our lives where we are procrastinating and could potentially do so for years and years?  Is it possible there are some areas that we must take action in now?  If so, what could force us into taking action?

How To Create Margin Part 2


Did you know all forms of income are generated in one of four ways?  In Rich Dad Poor Dad: Robert Kiyosaki teaches us about the CASHFLOW Quadrant.  We can either earn income as employees, self-employed specialists, business owners, or investors.  The majority of us earn our income as employees or self-employed specialists.   When I began to look at this fact and evaluate my circumstances I asked myself the question, “Do I want to do and have what the majority of people do and have?”

How To Create Margin Step 1


Do you have financial margin in your family’s finances?  Are you currently following a plan to create margin in your life?  Creating financial margin is one of the wisest decisions any family or individual can make.  Beth and I did not have any margin when we started off married life, but quickly began following a plan to create financial margin and it has changed everything for our day to day lives.  Even if you are single without a family this is still one of the most important things you can do.  It has been my experience creating financial margin is incredibly simple to do.  It is not easy, but it is simple.  It is also extremely worth it.

Do You Have Margin?


Being a husband and father is tough.  It is definitely the hardest and most worth-while experience of my life.  I am willing to bet all spouses and parents would agree with this.  Leading our families requires very intentional thinking and actions to create the outcomes we desire.  We face so many challenges, but there is one challenge I see families faced with more and more every day that places a stranglehold on millions of families across America – finances.  Perhaps I should say lack of finances.  Early on this was a huge struggle for our family.  It was the number one stressor in our relationship and often the only thing Beth and I ever fought about.  I learned to create and focus on one simple word which has radically transformed our family life and completely removed this stress from our household.

4 Reasons To Not Be A Black Friday Shopper


For most of my life I loved Black Friday shopping.  There was a thrill to it.  I would be spend hours searching fliers and online advertisements to put together my strategy of how I would attack each store to get the best deals.  It was a tradition and every red blooded American is supposed to participate right?  Plus I was saving so much money how could I not be a Black Friday shopper?

How Come I Never Get Opportunities Like That?


Have you ever asked yourself this question?  I know I did for many years.  I would observe people who were finding more success than me in many endeavors and I would just repeat that question over and over again in my mind.  The problem was this is a disempowering question and I would just come up with a list of reasons I was not getting opportunities.  I realized my focus shouldn’t be one why I did not get opportunities, but it should be on what I could do in order to get more opportunities.  Here are the three things I realized I could do to gain more opportunities.

Who Sold You That Plan?


I know it is mentioned from time to time in the media and the politicians in Washington like to mention it around election time, but have you noticed we have a FINANCIAL CRISIS on our hands in America?  It kind of seems to me like everyone is aware of it, but we are all too scared to talk about it.  So what do we do?  We ignore it, pretend like we do not have a financial crisis, and things continue to get worse and worse every year.

5 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur


Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur and starting your own business?  I know before I finally made the decision to start my own business it was a thought I would have from time to time, but for one reason or another I would always find reasons why I could not.  I am sure if we all got together we could come up with a list of 100 reasons why you should not become an entrepreneur.  I am sure each reason would have some validity to it.  What I would like to do is offer five reasons WHY you should consider starting your own business.

What Should I Read?


In my last two posts, I Don’t Like To Read & What Are You Feeding Your Mind, I shared some thoughts and insights into the important of reading.  As a follow up I figured I would share some of my favorite books in the following categories: Faith, Parenting, Personal Development, Finances, Leadership, & Business.  There are several other great books in all of these areas.  In fact I would love to hear from you about your favorite books in any or all of these areas.  I know of several other great books that have been recommended to me by friends and mentors who I trusts.  I only wanted to recommend and endorse books I have personally read and received tremendous value from.

What Do You Want?


Are you getting everything you want in life?  Are you exactly where you always imagined you would be?  If you are like most men and women out there I am willing to guess the answer is, “NO”.  Unfortunately way to many individuals fail to get what they want out of life because they never take the time to first determine what they want out of life.