How Should I Focus?


There are few things I have found to be essential to my success and personal fulfillment in my life more important than focus.  Oddly enough when I took the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test, focus was one of my top five strengths yet I seem to daily struggle with it.  I addressed this challenge in Are you Distracted?  We live in a day and age where there are more distractions that ever fighting for our attention.  If focus is so important, but becoming increasingly harder to achieve, what can we do to improve our focus?

Are You Distracted?


Everyone has his or her formula for success.  I do not believe mine is revolutionary or ground breaking.  In fact it may be too simplistic.  It has been my observation that being successful in any endeavor can be broken into three simple steps:

Vision Night


One truth I have discovered is most people do not succeed in just about any endeavor because they simply do not know what they really want and why they want it.  Our vision for our life is our personal compass which directs us and guides us.  Without first knowing what we want we simply cannot determine what is wise to do as we move towards where we want to be in life.  That is what I discussed in What Do You Want.  Once we have identified what we want we are then faced with the continual challenge of staying focused on what we want and where we are going while we take the daily actions to move closer to our dreams.