Is That True?

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Has there ever been a time when you were so sure of something only to find out at a later time you were mistaken or misinformed about the truth involving the person or event?  I know I have experience the many, many times.  I have even argued in direct opposition to the truth for years some times to later learn I was actually wrong about the whole thing.  I would like to think you and I are intelligent and view ourselves as a well-intentioned people.  If this has happened to you too, how could this happen to us so many times before?  What can we do to avoid this mistake in the future?

Thank A Veteran


Happy Veteran’s Day!  One important perspective we all must have on a continual basis is we have so much to be thankful for.  In our country we are blessed beyond measure.  God has blessed America with abundance and freedom.  There are several reasons for us to be thankful.  One of the most important things we must constantly be thankful for are our service men and women who fight to protect our freedoms on a daily basis.