Life Lessons From Colin Kaepernick


Life is comprised of opportunities to create teachable moments if we are intentionally looking for them.  This is extremely important if we are parents and/or leaders in other organizations.  Now I will start off by admitting I am not impressed by Colin Kaepernick and I do not agree with his recent decision to disrespect our nation’s service men and women by sitting during out National Anthem before his NFL games.  It is unfortunate.  I am however also disappointed in how so many of my friends whom I agree with have decided to respond to his decision to protest social injustice in this manner.

What Do You See?


As we continue to clean the dirt out of our glass and fill it with fresh water we will begin to change and grow our perspective.  We will encounter situations that may have previously caused us to respond in a negative way, but as we renew our minds we will now approach them in a more positive manner.  I would love to share a great story that demonstrated this very clearly for me last month.