Do You Talk To Yourself?


This probably sounds like an odd question, but I will ask it any way, “Do you talk to yourself?”  You are probably thinking that is an odd question.  Most of society thinks that talking to yourself is a bad thing and there are definitely many instances where it is.  When I ask this I am not referring to someone who is having a psychological break from reality.  The context I am asking this question in refers to speaking specific positive messages to yourself.  You may or may not be aware of this, but most successful people talk to themselves regularly.

Speak Life



Do you want a happier and more fulfilling life?  Would you like stronger positive relationships with your family and friends?  Would you like less stress and drama in your work place?  If so I want to encourage you to become a life speaker.

Do you speak words of life or death?  This is a question I do not believe most of us think about during our day to day activities, but we should  It is a powerful and important question for us to all be concerned with.  I know for years I struggled with this and constantly spoke words of death without even realizing it.