2015 Empty Bookshelf Challenge


So I absolutely cannot take credit for this.  A friend of mine shared this idea from Jon Acuff.  I loved the idea and I accepted the challenge in 2014.  It required commitment and discipline, but it was totally worth it.  Are you up for the challenge?

What Should I Read?


In my last two posts, I Don’t Like To Read & What Are You Feeding Your Mind, I shared some thoughts and insights into the important of reading.  As a follow up I figured I would share some of my favorite books in the following categories: Faith, Parenting, Personal Development, Finances, Leadership, & Business.  There are several other great books in all of these areas.  In fact I would love to hear from you about your favorite books in any or all of these areas.  I know of several other great books that have been recommended to me by friends and mentors who I trusts.  I only wanted to recommend and endorse books I have personally read and received tremendous value from.

What Are You Feeding Your Mind?


Yesterday I shared the importance of reading.  I want to expound upon that idea some more with you.  Overcoming the self-imposed limitation of “I Don’t Like To Read”.  All of us would never consider driving our cars for hundreds and thousands of miles without stopping for gas.  Why is that?  It is because we know after a few hundred miles our cars would be broken down on the side of the road.  We also would never consider going without eating food and drinking water for 3 months.  We know that food and water are fuel for our bodies.  Our bodies simply cannot function without them.  They are a necessity.  The same is true for our minds. What would happen in our lives if we paid as much attention to what we feed our minds as what we feed our cars and our bodies?

I Don’t Like To Read


Have you ever said or thought, “I don’t like to read”?  I know I have.  I thought that and repeated it often for years and years.  I did not start that way.  As a young boy I used to enjoy reading and going to the library with my mom or grandma, but somewhere along the way that changed.  As I went further and further into my schooling and education I lost my enthusiasm for reading.  By the time I graduated college I declared, “I will never read another book again.”  Can you relate to this at all?