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Have you ever planned on doing something you had plenty of time to accomplish, but somehow managed to not get it done until the very last minute?  I know I have.  While some people struggle less with procrastination than others I believe it is a constant challenge we are all faced with on a daily basis.  I have heard it said, “Work expands to all time available.”  In most areas of life we can juggle this and still seem to get by.  While delaying action with homework assignments and getting to work on time can certainly create stressful situations they rarely carry life changing consequences.  What if there are some areas of our lives where we are procrastinating and could potentially do so for years and years?  Is it possible there are some areas that we must take action in now?  If so, what could force us into taking action?



Are you a concerned American?  Do you believe November 2016 will be one of the most important elections of all time?  Do you see America is at a critical decision point where if we do not elect the right president or pass the right laws it could set us down a path we may never recover from?  Have you identified who the right candidate is?  Do you know what the right sides are of the most important issues?  Do you feel compelled to tell others what are the right ways to vote and why?  When someone shares an opposing view to yours do you fulfill your obligation to correct that poor misled fool as to what is the right path or who is the right candidate?

If you answered yes to these questions may I offer you some helpful advice?

Who Are Your Friends?

Two young girls bullying other young girl outdoors

If you are a parent there is a good chance you express concern and interest when it comes to who your kid’s friends are.  Why is that?  It is because you and I both know that who our children hangout with impacts their future.  Here is a question for you.  Are you as concerned with who you spend time with as you are who your children spend time with?

What Do You See?


As we continue to clean the dirt out of our glass and fill it with fresh water we will begin to change and grow our perspective.  We will encounter situations that may have previously caused us to respond in a negative way, but as we renew our minds we will now approach them in a more positive manner.  I would love to share a great story that demonstrated this very clearly for me last month.