A Fine Reputation


I have shared before about the power of words.  As I continue to grow in my leadership I continue to become more aware of a leader’s responsibility to always speak words of life over people.  I recently just finished listening to How to Win Friends & Influence People on Audible.  This book is a MUST READ if you want to find more success and happiness.  The book is full of simple actionable wisdom that will help you accomplish exactly what the title describes.  One of the many take aways/reminders I have after listening to it is point number 7 in the Be A Leader Chapter, Give The Other Person A Fine Reputation To Live Up To.  This reminded me of a quick story from a few years ago.

What Do You See?


As we continue to clean the dirt out of our glass and fill it with fresh water we will begin to change and grow our perspective.  We will encounter situations that may have previously caused us to respond in a negative way, but as we renew our minds we will now approach them in a more positive manner.  I would love to share a great story that demonstrated this very clearly for me last month.

Speak Life Part 2

mother talking with her son


In my previous post I discussed the value and importance of becoming a life speaker.  Although it is extremely important to living the life we desire it is easier said than done.

You might ask, “How do I learn to speak life?”  The answer requires us to tame our tongue.  And how do we learn to tame our tongues?  It starts by changing our hearts.