The #1 Thing To Becoming An All Pro Dad


One of the most important lessons I have learned in leadership is the decision to seek wisdom.


Author, Andy Andrews, identified the 2nd decision that determines person success to be, “Today I Will Seek Wisdom”.   This is something that sounds good, but is not as easy as we may first think at face value.  Seeking wisdom requires more than just reading and studying.  Now those are definitely a component of seeking wisdom, but seeking wisdom is a very ACTIVE decision.  It requires that we are actively searching.


Once you understand that seeking wisdom is required for growth in any area of life you can then harness that principle to live the life you desire.

This past weekend I seized such an opportunity.  I am about to become a father for the first time and while that is something my wife and I have prayed for and longed for I realize the responsibility of being a dad is going to be the most challenging and most important role I have ever had.  In preparation for this opportunity I have surrounded myself with other champion husbands and fathers over the years so I could glean wisdom from them.  Many of them don’t know it, but they are on my personal board of directors .

They are all men who care deeply about being the best dad they can be and they are willing to invest their time and resources into becoming the fathers that God has called them to be.

Since I knew they all value personal growth and desire to be better fathers we got together to attend All Pro Dad Live this past weekend in Atlanta, GA.


During the course of the next several posts I will share some of the wisdom I learned from champion fathers such as Tony Dungy, Mark Merrill, & Mark Richt .  I learned so much throughout the course of the day, but one simple observation stuck out to me more than anything else.  Every speaker offered great insights and tips for becoming a better father, but there was only ONE THING that every speaker shared was vital to becoming an All Pro Dad, TIME.


All of us have different schedules, responsibilities, and demands on our time.  They are all extremely valid and often times important, but to our kids they do not understand many of them.  When we look back on our lives we are not going to wish we had earned more money, gotten that promotion, or won that softball tournament.  When we look back on our lives all of us are going to wish we spent more time with our families.

I realize this is not easy and it requires us to be very intentional with our time, but it is still essential that we invest more time in our kids.  If we understand this is what we are going to wish we did more of at the end of our lives, why wait until then to begin investing in our families?

Question: What is one thing you can do today to invest more time in your kids?  Comment below

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5 thoughts on “The #1 Thing To Becoming An All Pro Dad

  1. To answer your question I’ll go back to Andy’s second decision that you mentioned in your post. One thing I can do to invest more time in my kids is to actively seek wisdom. I don’t have kids yet, but I will. I often ask myself this question… “Is this decision in line with the vision I have for my family?” I know that I will want more time with family when I get to the end of my life and that’s why we’re working to bring Sarah home. That’s step one.

    Keep the blog posts coming! It’s one thing to read a blog, but it’s another to read a friend’s blog. Sarah and I are glad to see you’re doing this.

    • Kevin,

      Thank you brother. That is one of the wisest answers you could give. As we gather wisdom we gain perspective and it allows us to approach situations differently. Your vision of building a part time business that is bringing your wife home to be a full time mom will ultimately create more time freedom. That will allow both of you to invest more time in your children.

  2. May I submit that being a father will actually become the third most important role you have ever had.
    Most important role:follower of Jesus. Then the most important:husband to Beth. Then most important: Father.

    Is love to hear your thoughts. Miss you and love you brother. Thanks for all you do.
    JD :)