Vision Night


One truth I have discovered is most people do not succeed in just about any endeavor because they simply do not know what they really want and why they want it.  Our vision for our life is our personal compass which directs us and guides us.  Without first knowing what we want we simply cannot determine what is wise to do as we move towards where we want to be in life.  That is what I discussed in What Do You Want.  Once we have identified what we want we are then faced with the continual challenge of staying focused on what we want and where we are going while we take the daily actions to move closer to our dreams.

Beth and I run a business where we help people dream.  That is a way harder challenge than you might think.  Unfortunately by the time most adults get out of college we have already began to give up on our dreams.  The further we go down the path of living an “average” life, the less and less we dream and the harder it becomes to reverse that process.


Since we know and understand the importance of dreaming and expanding our personal vision we decided to have 20 or so of our local team members join us for a vision night.  We LOVE our business and we are blessed.  The financial and time freedom is unparalleled by any other opportunity I have seen, but most importantly we get to surround ourselves with champions who are daily fighting for their families by serving others in our communities.  It is truly the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

We had dinner and fellowship for a while then I did a brief training on how and why to expand personal vision.  Then we got started on constructing vision boards.  It is a pretty simple process, but one’s creativity can take it in any number of directions.

#1 – Write out your Want List & Get Rid Of List.

#2 – Cut Up magazine pictures and print images from Google that represent the things on your list.

#3 – Decorate them and be as creative as possible (This is a big challenge for me).

#4 – Display it in a prominent place in your home where you will see it often.

#5 – Every time you are facing obstacles or you feel like you are losing focus stare at it and dream about your preferred future then get right back to working on the life you desire.

This is a simple and fun exercise anyone can do.  If you have kids it is an awesome activity to do with them.  Our minds are powerful and we are created with the ability to imagine and create things.  We can train and grow our minds just like any other muscle in our bodies.

Here are a few images from our vision night:


Beth and her ladies.  It was Tiffany’s birthday also.


I got to help 20 champions expand their vision


Where I am taking my family

Question: What is a dream you had as a child you have not yet accomplished and what could you still do in order to make it a reality?  Comment below

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