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Do you want a happier and more fulfilling life?  Would you like stronger positive relationships with your family and friends?  Would you like less stress and drama in your work place?  If so I want to encourage you to become a life speaker.

Do you speak words of life or death?  This is a question I do not believe most of us think about during our day to day activities, but we should  It is a powerful and important question for us to all be concerned with.  I know for years I struggled with this and constantly spoke words of death without even realizing it.


God created our world and everything in it.  He set into motion all of the principles and truths that cause everything to work together the way they have since the beginning of time.  He did this simply by speaking it into existence.  We have an enemy in this world and he wants to distract us from God’s truths.  One such truth is words have power.  Everything in society is going to suggest that words do not have power.  Let me caution you to not buy this lie.  Principles affect our lives whether we understand them or not.  Once we understand them we are able to harness their truths and leverage them for our benefit.


Have you ever seen a young man or woman who struggles with self confidence because his or her parents told them they weren’t good at certain things?  Have you ever had someone say something to you that upset or offended you that you later remembered just by thinking of that person?  Have you ever had someone say something to embarrass you in front of others?  Have you ever said something out of anger that hurt someone you love and care about?  These are just a few examples of the negative power words can have.


What about the positive power words have?  Have you ever received a genuine complement from someone you love?  Have you ever worked hard at something and another person acknowledged your hard work?  How about that really positive person at church or work who is always smiling and taking an interest in you and your family?  How do you feel when they are around?

Now think about this which way do you want to live?  Do you want to hurt and offend others or do you want to encourage others?  I am sure that we would all prefer to encourage others.  It all starts with a decision to control your tongue.  For some of us this may be harder than it is for others, but it is no less important.  I invite you to join me and decide to only speak words of life from this day forward.  It will require us to be more aware of the words we speak to others in all situations.

Question: What is a specific area you are aware you speak words of death?  What is a way you can approach that specific situation or relationship by speaking words of life?  Comment below

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7 thoughts on “Speak Life

  1. At my work and home I could speak more words of life. I do not speak ugly to my children, but even in times of frustration I need to control my thoughts and tongue and still find a way to encourage. Same at work. I need to always be encouraging and speaking life to my staff, doing this will only bring about a more positive and encouraging environment!

  2. Jesse, for many years I spoke more words of death than I did of life. I thank God for His grace and mercy that He now gives me the precious opportunity to be more intentional to speak words of life not only to those around closest to me and not only to those I come into contact with but to my own self. This won’t be done in a selfish manner but much like the way the airline stewardess instructs passengers to put their own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Life helps give more life. Thank you brother!